Mark Palys

Mark Palys

Professional Loss Consultant

Professional Profile

Mark Palys has over thirty years of experience as a professional insurance adjuster. He specializes in large loss residential evaluations and is a highly experienced catastrophe estimator. As a part of Adjusters International/Basloe, Levin & Cuccaro, he focuses on placing policyholders first, maximizing their property damage claims for the best possible recovery.

Mark worked for decades as an insurance company adjuster, but when it came time for him to handle a homeowners claim for damage to his own property, he saw the degrees of separation and inequalities that placed the policyholder at a disadvantage when faced against the insurance company. As he realized from experience on both sides, it was unnecessary for the claims process to become more complicated than it should be and that policyholders did not need to accept what the insurance company thought they owed.

Today, he brings decades of invaluable experience in insurance adjusting for homeowners, businesses, and communities in need of insurance claim help for property damage. This experience includes his expertise on claims from the September 11th attacks on New York City and for Hurricanes Frances, Jeanne, Ike, Sandy, and Irma over the last twenty years.

As a licensed public adjuster, Mark’s distinct ability to work through the layers of complex policy issues, coverages, and damage assessment places his clients in control of their claims while he negotiates for them a proper settlement. Most importantly, he does this with a level of compassion that can only come from years of experience successfully handling numerous claims from a variety of disasters.

With this focus, Mark is an invaluable advocate for policyholders as he diligently prepares and presents their claim, maintains constant communication with the insurance company, and negotiates a maximized and expedited recovery.

Personal Commitment

Mark understands that after someone suffers property damage, the emotional impact can cause things to unravel and delay recovery. His priority is to first listen to the policyholder — their plans and concerns — and immediately help them understand their policy and options. He knows this can be a sensitive time, which is why he works efficiently to prepare detailed claims that uncover and document all damages to maximize a total recovery. His extensive experience on both sides of the claims process gives him a distinct ability to relate to and advocate for policyholders while effectively communicating with the insurance company to expedite claims for a better recovery.

Public Adjusting Licensures

  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania