Property Damage Losses

Homeowners Claims Recovery Process

Our Public Adjusters guide you through the entire claims recovery process, working to get you the maximum amount for your settlement.

1 Life & Safety Issues

  • They are first and foremost.

2 Mitigation of Damages

  • The policyholder is required to protect their property from additional damages and to mitigate the extent of losses both physical and economic.

3 Establish A Preliminary Recovery Plan

  • The claim process will take time, so plan accordingly.

    • Secure adequate temporary housing for you and your family.

4 Evaluation of Coverages

  • The policyholder must understand the terms and conditions of their policy, including coverage limitations, valuation methods, and their duties and responsibilities, for filing a claim. The time limitations are critical.

5 Valuation Of Damages, Claim Preparation, and Documentation

  • The policyholder is required to submit detailed itemized claims, with expert reports and estimates, for the various insured categories:

    Property Damage

    • Home & Personal Property

    Time Element

    • Additional Living Expenses (ALE)

    View Sample Claim

    View Sample Inventory

6 Negotiations & Settlement

  • The claim will be audited in detail and adjusted by the insurance company and their experts.  It is common to have differences, so prepare accordingly.

7 Restoration Of Property & Operations

  • You should not proceed with the permanent work until you have an agreement with the insurer.

  • If replacement cost coverage applies, the actual repair and rebuild decisions will affect your total claim recovery.

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