Greg Raab, Manager of Integrated Services at Adjusters International and NAPIA Board Member, was recently contacted by Meteorologist Bonnie Schneider to talk about hurricane season insurance issues. In response to Schneider's questions, Raab addresses a myriad of hurricane-related insurance issues that come about in the wake of a widespread disaster. Raab stresses the importance of being organized and prepared long before a storm hits. Having the proper insurance coverage in place, as well as an up-to-date inventory of your personal/business property, goes a long way toward successfully recovering your losses.
" ...homeowners, particularly those who live along the coast, often underestimate the amount of coverage they need. 'Your coverage should reflect the true cost of rebuilding your home, taking into consideration that the cost of construction can increase post-hurricane as the demand for materials and a qualified construction company rise.' Raab advises.

'Also make sure you have adequate coverage for additional living expenses, preparing yourself for a potential lengthy stay in temporary housing post-hurricane due to the scarcity of materials, available firms to complete the various stages of construction, and potential infrastructure damage to roads, power, etc., that may delay your project.'"

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