Questions concerning what homeowners insurance and flood insurance actually cover abound following Hurricane Sandy. To clear up some of the most common misconceptions, The Wall Street Journal interviewed several experts in the insurance industry, including Stephen Surace, CPA, MBA, Chief Operating Officer of Adjusters International/Basloe, Levin & Cuccaro and Chief Financial Officer of Adjusters International. In "Is Your Homeowners Insurance Falling Short?" Surace gives advice on what to do when insurance carriers deny coverage under their policy, and instead say it should be covered under another policy:
"If the amount at stake is substantial," said Surace "another option is to arrange a meeting between the adjusters for the flood and home insurers, though you may have to wait."

For additional steps that can be taken to maximize your recovery, check out the December 7th edition of The Wall Street Journal. You'll find this story in the Weekend Investor section.