A space heater malfunctions and causes devastating fire damage to your building. Or your roof collapses from a winter storm. Your shelter is gone. Your family or employees look to you for what to do next as things are placed at a standstill.

Proactiveness is crucial for your recovery, but it’s on you to file a detailed claim to your insurance company and prove your loss as they need to protect their interests. Pile this on top of everything else on your plate to keep things moving forward.

Who then can be on your side, offering professional guidance, preparation, and strategy for your property insurance claim to make sure you recover more, and sooner?

Our team of public adjusters.

We are independent insurance professionals on your side from beginning to end in the insurance claim process. Why hire us?

 1. We Save You Time

Without expert knowledge and experience, it can take an unnecessary amount of time for you to try to understand your insurance policy, perform an accurate damage assessment, and thoroughly prepare your claim. One oversight or a lack of informed engagement with the insurance company (because of your other time-sensitive commitments) can draw out the process, delaying your recovery.

2. We Relieve Your Stress

In the aftermath, it’s already enough for you to focus on the safety of your family and team, mitigating the damage, and keeping your life and business moving forward. A public adjuster can be there to lift the load in efficiently handling every part of the insurance claim process. The added benefit of working with AIBLC public adjusters, in particular, is our unmatched experience, resources, and network to expedite your recovery.

With this expertise, we:

  • Prepare your claim accurately
  • Eliminate possible roadblocks with your insurance company
  • Present options for your recovery that may not have been made clear by your insurance company

3. We Maximize Your Settlement

It’s one thing to identify and document your property damage accurately. It’s another to understand how it will respond to your policy. Without an expert understanding of the claims process and helping to obtain what you’re entitled to, you can end up with an inadequate settlement. This can be the case if you’re relying only on the insurance company’s assessment of your situation. Why not have a team of experts on your side to maximize your recovery sooner?

Hear it firsthand from past clients on why hiring our public adjusters in their moment of crisis made an impact — and often all the difference.

Contact us today for help with your claim.


AI/BLC is a public adjusting organization that works exclusively for the property owner to ensure maximum results from first-party property insurance claims. The firm has helped thousands of policyholders and government entities in the aftermath of many of the nation’s worst disasters. AI/BLC’s public adjusters can help you recover from severe property damage. Visit the Contact Us page or call 877.482.1234.