While so far we have had a quiet 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season, the quietest in fact since the 1986 season, there are still another two months left before its official end. Therefore, anyone living in hurricane-prone areas should still be vigilant in their storm planning and preparation. To help increase the awareness of the importance of knowing your hurricane risk, Insure.com recently published an article on "How to prepare for a hurricane."

Many of the top names in insurance and hurricane recovery, including Adjusters International's Chief Operating Officer and Vice President, John Marini, were interviewed for the article and asked to give their suggestions on how to best survive hurricane season. Marini warns that people need to be prepared at all times when a storm is approaching—even while sleeping. One can take precautionary measures, such as purchasing a NOAA battery-powered weather radio which will set off a signaled alarm at any time, to warn of the storm's track and location.

"These individual warning devices can really come in handy during the night when most people are sleeping and have their televisions off," says Marini.

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