Jacket weather is approaching, and evening breezes have reminded us that it's a good time to remind business owners and homeowners to check and prepare their property for wind damage — and other potential weather damage — as the seasons change. 

Especially in the northeast, sunshine can change to rain, storms, and snow even before we set up the Halloween decorations. Is your property safe? Here are three steps you can take to prepare your property in case of wind damage.

1. Check your shingles.

If shingles are loose, high winds can rip them free and into other parts of your property, landscaping, and vehicles, causing unnecessary damage. If shingles are missing, high winds can enter and cause more unexpected damage that can even compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

Make sure to replace loose or missing shingles well before the weather drops.

2. Trim your trees.

And not just the ones closest to your house or building — we mean the entire property. Overgrown or dead branches can become missiles in a windstorm, striking your property, powerlines, and your neighbor’s property. Tree branches and limbs can even crush rooftops. Regularly trim so they don't grow into a bigger problem.

3. Speaking of missiles, remove other potential projectiles.

This could mean lawn furniture, potted plants, landscaping tools, your kid's bicycle, and more. A windstorm can whip these items up and against your property and through its windows. And once a window is broken, that could invite rain and snow into your home or property, causing water damage and ruined entertainment systems, furniture, and walls.

Check out our Disaster Recovery Checklist for more tips to prepare for potential wind damage and ways to deal with it if disaster struck. A key point is to make sure you understand what your homeowners or commercial property insurance policy covers, and how wind damage can be accurately assessed and accounted for in your property damage claim so you receive the best possible settlement.

For help with this, give our public adjusters a call or meet with us (over pumpkin spice lattes!). We are insurance professionals helping people and businesses understand their insurance policies, prepare their claims effectively, and recover maximized settlements for them sooner.

 From our team to yours, Happy Autumn!