The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and this couldn’t be truer than for Mark Parkinson of Adjusters International/Basloe, Levin & Cuccaro and his son Matt. Both incredibly dedicated and working hard for the “win,” Matt Parkinson has an excellent batting average as well.

Recently featured in the Observer-Dispatch article, “Mohawk Valley College Sports Notebook: Whitesboro's Parkinson Back in the Swing,” written by contributor Ron Moshier, Matt’s bounce-back story is one for the books.

An all-state baseball player at Whitesboro High School, Matt went on to be team captain and a .400 hitter at Herkimer County Community College. He was set to transfer to the College of Charleston, a NCAA Division I school, last year when he discovered that the back pain he had been experiencing was in fact an injury. With a fractured vertebra, he suited up with a back brace in place of a uniform for the following six months.

Some feared the injury would put an end to his baseball career, but Matt said for him, “that wasn’t ever a thought.” He transferred instead to Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, Tennessee, a NCAA Division II school, where he attended every practice, despite having to wear his brace and sit in the dugout. With physical therapy and training during the 2021 pre-season, however, Matt is now back at bat!

So far this season, his batting average is a whopping .516 with 14 RBIs and at least one homerun in nearly every game he’s played. Although his coach has encouraged him to slowly return to catching, Matt gets a balance of playing time behind the plate and as a first baseman. Of course, with batting statistics like his, he is also highly favored as a designated hitter for the team from time to time. His coach shared, “When you're hitting .500 with that many home runs, everybody loves you. But he's got the right heart, too. He's all about the team, and it doesn't matter if he goes 0 for 4 as long as it's a win.”

Matt is a senior at Carson-Newman this year but has another year of eligibility due to last year’s redshirt. There’s no doubt that, with his improved health and an excellent start to the 2021 season, Matt will go far with his career as a catcher. As for Mark, congratulations to you on the success you’ve guided your son toward! The sense of teamwork you passed along has served Matt well.

The original article featuring Matt’s story was printed in the Observer-Dispatch and published on the newspaper’s website. Click HERE to read the digital version.