Suffering property damage in the wake of a natural disaster can be overwhelming and immeasurably time-consuming as you begin to prepare your insurance claim. Do you know insurance language and every detail of your policy? Even the smallest oversight can cost you significantly as you seek to rebuild your business or home. Who can guide you in this process?

The natural next step would be to contact your insurance company to assess your damage and offer a settlement. But when the survival of your business is at stake or the peace of your home is shaken, did you know you can take it one more (crucial) step further for a better recovery?

As the policyholder, you have the option to hire an independent insurance professional — a public adjuster — to help you understand your policy and take a proactive role in securing for you a maximum amount from your claim.

Experts in managing all facets of even the most complex insurance claim, our public adjusters free you up to focus on what matters most — keeping your family safe and making sure your business is operational.

From researching and meticulously documenting all damages incurred to preparing the entire claim, expediting it through the insurance company, and negotiating a full settlement, our public adjusters handle the entire claims process.

And because we’re professionals with a successful history of looking out for policyholders, it isn’t unusual for a policyholder’s insurance agent, broker, attorney, and accountant to — in their client’s best interest — recommend us as an outside resource to help handle a claim to ensure the best recovery.

Adjusters International/BLC is a public adjusting organization that works exclusively for the property owner to ensure maximum results from first-party property insurance claims. The firm has helped thousands of policyholders and government entities in the aftermath of many of the nation’s worst disasters. Adjusters International/BLC’s public adjusters can help you recover from severe property damage. Visit the Contact Us page or call 877.482.1234.