Spring has officially sprung! Time to cue up your favorite tunes, roll up your sleeves, and dig into those spring cleaning chores. But before you do, make sure these 7 things are on your to-do list — they just may save you from filing a property damage claim for your home or workplace.

1. Bust the Dust and the Clutter

Sorry dust bunnies. It’s time to go. Same goes for the old newspapers lying around and those haphazard stacks of paperwork littering every surface in your office. You’d be surprised how many fires a year start because of dust and clutter build up. Get rid of it. 

2. Clean and Replace Your Furnace Filter

Spring is a great time to clean your furnace filter and replace it if necessary. That way you’re all set up for the year’s chilly season and you don’t run the risk of forgetting this important step when you reach for that thermostat in the fall. At best, a dirty furnace filter will lower the efficiency of your HVAC system. And at worst? It can cause the furnace to overheat and start a fire. Keep it clean.

3. Clean Your Gutters 

After the fall and winter, your gutters are likely filled with leaves and debris. Be sure to clear them before the rainy season sets in, or they can flood, damage, and wreak havoc on your roof. And while you’re at it, be sure downspouts are directing water away from the house to prevent water damage. Water can pool close to your property, infiltrate, and damage the walls.

4. Assess Any Winter Damage

Diligently check for any damage to your house — cracked pipes and missing and broken shingles, for instance. If issues like this aren’t repaired quickly, a springtime thunderstorm or other weather-related catastrophe can make the damage worse, causing a major problem down the road. Get ahead of the game.

5. Buy Batteries

Check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace if needed. If the old batteries are still in good working order, you’ll be glad you have them on hand when they do eventually die out. And you’ll be safer in the interim. 

6. Clean the Dryer Vent

Trapped lint + heat = a major fire hazard. Take the time to check your dryer vent and unclog any lint that’s built up over the past year. Your clothes will dry faster and you’ll be protecting yourself from a dangerous house fire. Win. Win.

7. Schedule a Water Heater Tune Up

Hire a professional plumber to inspect your water heater. This should be done yearly. Gas leaks and faulty valves can cause catastrophic explosions that could easily be prevented. Don’t wait.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

For more insight into preventing property damage or for help navigating an insurance claim, turn to the public adjusting experts at Adjusters International Basloe, Levin & Cuccaro.