Without warning, your home or commercial property can be crippled by a fire, a burst pipe, a collapse, a Northeastern winter storm or any other natural or man-made disaster. From fire damage to water damage, any type of property damage can be a traumatic experience. When disaster strikes, it’s easy to be caught up in a whirlpool of emotions worrying about your family or your business and lamenting the state of your dwelling and your losses. 

It’s hard to rebuild your home or business and your life with less than adequate compensation. It’s even harder to recoup the full scope of your losses once you’ve settled a claim with your insurance company for less.

Ensure that you get the best settlement possible with the correct help, now.

Without being proactive by hiring your own experts to prepare a claim on your behalf, you will leave the scope of damage and the repair costs up to the insurer’s representatives. Don't press your luck waiting for the insurance company to give you the magic number that covers all of your losses. When you leave the homeowners or business insurance claims process to chance, the settlement could be less than you expect. You need someone on your side to represent you and your best interests from the start of the claims process, not the end. 

That someone is a public adjuster - a licensed professional who advocates for everything you’re entitled to after a devastating loss. Our public adjusters at Adjusters International / Basloe, Levin & Cuccaro are here to help you through any type of homeowners or commercial property damage claim. 

Call a public adjuster first, not last!

The longer you wait to call a public adjuster, the more likely you are to end up with an inadequate settlement. With a public adjuster, in most cases, the settlement you receive through our help far exceeds any fee on our end. Public adjusters have been able to get homeowners and commercial property owners substantially more than what an insurance company alone would have awarded for their claims. 

We get you exactly what you deserve. 

When you call our public adjusters first, we help you from start-to-finish with every step of the claims process. You never have to second guess if you’re completing the steps right when we’re in your corner fighting for you, your family, your home, and/or your business.  

Never Rush Through a Recovery Claims Process. 

When it comes time to document your losses and file them with your insurance company, another mistake people typically make is rushing through the process. 

Common mistakes when you rush through a property damage claim:

  • You forget to document all of your losses. When you don’t account for every item damaged, you lose covering their cost in your settlement. 

  • The list of items you’ve lost is not detailed. Your items may be designer or high-end, but the insurance company may label them as generic unless you identify them otherwise. 

  • You document the sale price of an item. When you fail to fully record the current replacement cost value of items, inclusive of taxes, shipping costs, etc., you sell yourself short when it comes time to calculate your items’ actual cash value. As a result, you undervalue your items even before depreciation is accounted for, leaving you with a settlement that fails to match the real cost to replace that item, today. 

  • You bind yourself to a poor evaluation. Any information you send to your insurance company, even if inadequately documented, can affect your recovery.

  • Once you’ve submitted your itemized claim to your insurance company, it’s difficult to alter that information! Make sure it is done right the first time with a knowledgeable public adjuster. It is extremely difficult for a public adjuster to go back and fix mistakes when asked to step in at the end of the process. 

Don’t risk an inadequate recovery and be unable to rebuild.  

Call an AI/BLC public adjuster first, before you make any moves trying to tackle the obstacles of the insurance company’s claim process. We level the playing field for you, so you can worry less and get more, sooner. Your satisfaction is critical to us, and with our assistance, you can ensure that you end up with a more than adequate settlement to cover your property damage. Don’t wait, don’t be disappointed - contact us first. We know the right way to settle claims, and we’re here to help you!